Save Money On Taxes! Tax Prep Checklist

Yikes, tax season is right around the corner! While it may seem overwhelming to prepare your tax return, there are ways to make the process easier. By following this tax prep checklist with 7 tips, you can ensure that your tax return is accurate, complete, and takes advantage of all the deductions and credits available […]

11 Ways to Save Money on Heating Bill

As the temperature drops and the winter months set in, many of us start to worry about the cost of heating our homes. Fortunately, there are many ways to lower your heating bill and save money on your energy costs. Here are 11 effective ways to reduce your heating bill: Use a programmable thermostat A […]

9 Ways To Save $10,000 FAST!!

Saving money is tough just like trying to lose some of those extra holiday LBS we pack on gobbling up all them delicious cookies, nuts & comfort food appetizers and our holiday & christmas parties. One of the most defeating feelings is trying to save money and then life smacks you around. You have great […]

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