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Published on July 12, 2023

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10 Things You Should Know About Moving to Edwards, Colorado
With its stunning natural beauty and abundance of outdoor activities, Edwards, Colorado is an
attractive destination for people looking for a change of scenery. But if you're thinking about
making the move to this mountain town, there are a few things you should know first. Here's a
look at 10 common headaches that Edwards residents face.
Lack of Groceries
Shopping in Edwards can be tricky due to the fact that it's more difficult to get food and produce
up here than in other cities. Be prepared to do some extra research when it comes to finding
grocery stores and farmers markets in the area.A lot of time you have to go down into the valley
for specialty items. THere really is only one grocery store here and it doesn't carry everything
you really want.
Eating Out Often
Since grocery shopping can be an issue, many residents find themselves eating out more often
than they would like. Luckily, there are some great local restaurants in the area so you won't
have to go far for a good meal!
School System
The public school system isn't exactly desirable here, so if you have kids then you may want to
consider private schooling or homeschooling options instead. THey are of course pricier than
the public schools, but you will get more for your kids especially in this school district. A lot of
the schools are making sure everyone is learning another language early!
Traffic Fluctuations
Traffic can be annoying because it fluxes with tourism a lot throughout the year so you may find
yourself stuck in traffic from time to time during peak seasons. We also have less roads here
since it is a mountain town, which means, construction, accidents and anything that you could
think of might just jam everything up for a while.
Noisy Environment
The hustle and bustle of Edwards means lots of noise and lots of traffic and trucks passing
through town all day long which could be quite overwhelming for some people who are used to
quieter environments.
Expensive Prices
Be prepared for everything from ski slopes, food, gas, housing etc., as prices tend to be higher
here in Edwards than other places in Colorado (or even the US). Housing prices are expensive
due to the views, lots sizes and the location as a whole. Gas is higher for the same reason as
the groceries. You're looking at companies having ships longer distance which always means a
higher cost.

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Weather Challenges

Brace yourself as winters here tend to feel never-ending due to colder temperatures compared
with Denver or lower altitudes - this could make it difficult for some people going stir crazy
during the winter months!
Nightlife Lacking
Unfortunately there aren't too many nightclubs or bars here so don't expect too much
excitement on that front if nightlife is your thing! If you would like to have a good bar night out or
go see some live music, you will need to drive into the Valley. And because of the next reason,
you want to be prepared for your journey back.

Limited Rideshare Options
There aren't really any Uber Eats or rideshare services available here either (at least not yet)
which could make getting around town a bit challenging from time-to-time without access to a
car or bike (or skis!).

Road Closures
Lastly, keep in mind that roads close often due to snow storms and inclement weather
conditions which could leave you stranded away from home - plan ahead accordingly!
Moving anywhere comes with its own set of challenges but hopefully this list will give you a
better idea of what life looks like living in Edwards Colorado so that you can decide whether or
not it's right for you! From lack of groceries and schools, expensive prices, occasional road
closures – these are just some things that come with living in high elevation mountain towns that
prospective residents should keep in mind before deciding on making their move! Good luck!

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