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What’s Your Brand?

What’s Your Brand?

Bob The Broker
Bob Friel
Published on May 24, 2022

What’s Your Brand?

Have you ever logged into Facebook to find out that someone that you know bought or sold a property without you because they forgot you were in real estate? In this video, I'm going to show you how to build a brand to stay in front of your database. We'll talk about what your brand is and why it matters so you can take your business to the next level.

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What's Your Brand?

There’s absolutely nothing more exhausting than working with someone you don’t like; someone that’s not taking your advice or can’t afford to buy that house in that stinking neighborhood that they keep wanting to go see. However, you need to look in the mirror. What’s your brand? What’s your niche? What’s your marketing strategy? I certainly hope it is in cold calling.

Ideally, you should focus on attracting business versus chasing business - and that requires building a brand. Quite often, people get confused about what their brand is. Your brand is really just what you stand for and what people think of you. You might have a logo, but that’s just the visual reminder of what your brand actually stands for.

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The reason why your personal brand is so important is that staying top of mind is absolutely everything in real estate. People don’t remember that you do real estate or that I do mortgage; they just remember how we do it.

Marketing And Referrals

Think about all the real estate people you know and how they market their business. For me, my brand is Bob The Banker. I have a cartoon logo and a very laid-back brand. I like to make people smile, and we treat our clients like family. We use data analytics to help determine the best loan product for every one of our clients - and that’s my brand.

Here’s why this is important: every single year, 80% of business comes from referrals, past clients, or people that you meet, according to NAR. It doesn’t come from email, autoresponders, Zillow, Facebook ads, or any other type of prospecting. Here are the stats: 10 to 15% of the population moves each year, and 100% of the people that you know can refer you to at least one person this year. This is because everyone knows someone who’s moving.

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Over 70% of the people will close with the first real estate agent they meet. When you have a brand, more people know what you do - and that leads to more buying and selling opportunities. It was reported that 96% of consumers hired the agent over the brand that they actually worked for. So using your broker's logo may be compliant, but it doesn’t help your specific personal brand.

Coaching And Training

One of the things that the Bob The Banker brand does differently - and that agents remember - is to help our agents with their marketing. We do this by coaching and training you on how all of this stuff works. Over the last five years, I started out from scratch with one video. Over time, everything started to work out.

I have all the training, marketing, and everything else you need to help get started. If you’re interested in running an attraction-based business model free of cold calling and door knocking and would like to do brand-building deep dives with me, I would love to help you.

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Remember, your brand is what your business stands for. Your logo is just a visual reinforcement of your brand’s existence. More important than that, your brand is how you communicate and what others think of you. It should also define how you practice your real estate business. People don’t remember what you do for a living; they remember how you do it. That’s the brand.

I'm Here To Help

I really hope this helps you understand the difference between your real estate logo and your real estate brand. Feel free to book a marketing meeting with me if you’d like - and here’s how it’s going to work.

You can book a 20-minute business-building discovery call. We’ll review what you currently do for your marketing, clients, follow-up, strategies, and sales goals. We'll talk about what you see for yourself and your business in the next five years, discuss your strengths, and figure out what you truly have as your best value add for your clients.

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We'll also analyze where you’re wasting time now on low-level tasks that really aren’t generating any sales commissions. Most importantly, we'll look at how this partnership can give you back the time to focus on growing your unit count, not wasting your energy on tasks that somebody else can handle for you. I have all the tools to help you stop chasing leads, build your book of business, and close more transactions without having to add a ton of hours of busy work to your already busy schedule.

Make sure to book that chat now, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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